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NIBC’s management policy was created from our successful experience and knowledge. NIBC provides answer for ‘what, why, and how do we do in our business?’ with our own value and strategy. NIBC practices honest business with excellent ‘people’ and ‘strategies’ which are the core values of successful business.

1. Strengthening Core Competence

NIBC operates the concentrated investment in our six core business (Business Development, 
Affordable Housing Development, Construction, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality & Property 
Management and Trading) to lead the market in related areas.
- We understand and develop our competitive advantage. 
- We introduce the advanced business-structure to develop the six core areas.
- We implement clear business goals, constantly monitor, evaluate and provide feedback.


2. Human Resorce Development

NIBC is committed to human resource development, which is the core responsibility of a future leader.
- We prepare future generation by cultivating top talent.
- We foster our employees in the medium and long-term perspective. 
- We support and encourage our employees through fair assessment and adequate reward.
- We provide the self-development opportunities to outstanding individuals.

3. Site Management

NIBC believes that the most important key for business is the business site. 
- We equip the site-based management system. 
- We monitor progress and situation on the spot. 
- We check onsite information and needs immediately.

4. Brand Management

NIBC values the trust of our customers. 
- We perform successful business through competence, excellence, and integrity. 
- We make decisions based on brand value and long-term prospective. 
- We generate synergy within and among businesses and organizations. 
- We improve NIBC brand value by developing superior corporate social responsibility. 

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